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Arizona's Got DANCE! National Dance Day!

July 31, 2011: Dancers And Health Together, Inc. hosted its first annual Arizona's GOT DANCE! - National Dance Day Weekend. On Friday and Saturday, DAHT held workshops in various styles and closed each day with panels regarding the subjects of dance, health, and career planning. The weekend was capped off with a sold-out performance of the Arizona's Got DANCE! Showcase featuring some of the best Arizona dancers.

DAHT would like to thank those who participated in the Workshops and give a huge round of applause to the dancers who performed during the Showcase! We look forward to next years's event!


Friday Saturday
Megan Todd
David Loverne
Jodi James
Danna Parker w/ Terpsicore
Jose Soto w/Scorpious
Contemporary Modern
Liliana Gomez w/Dulce
Rufus Rodriquez
Hip Hop
Cisco w/Element
Codi J Starner w/EPIK
Zumba/African Mix
Sylvia Smith-Al Malik
Panel: All About Dance & Health Panel: Prolonging Your Dance Career


Ev0lution Dance Kriti Dance
Conder Dance Dulce
Scorpious Dance Theatre Center Pointe Dance
Element Dance Crew Kathryn Ullom
Desert Dance Theatre Terpsicore Dance Company
Scandalesque EPIK Dance Company

Arizona's Got DANCE! National Dance Day!

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